What are Heritage pieces?

Heritage pieces are a way of creating a connection to your past, present and future. Pictures In Metal endeavour to create wearable works of art that combine iconography, heraldry, symbolism, national animals and flowers and virtually anything that is important to you. Custom made and hand engraved for you, they are personal pieces of jewellery that truly tell a story. The designs can be traditional heraldic seals, or contemporary carvings with patterns, symbols or animals that speak to your own personal journey.

See some examples of custom designed and made heritage pieces below

Traditional hand carved dragon seal

A classic deep hand carved dragon seal ring. Engraved to wear for generations with custom designed bright cut scroll pattern on the shoulders.

Scottish thistles & Russian chamomile

A deep bright cut carving of thistles and chamomile. Each carving playing in the light when turned and sitting in harmony on a silver ring top. The thistles represent the wearer's Scottish ancestry and the chamomile their Russian partner. The ring's shoulders have been left blank to allow room for lettering and symbols for each of their future children.

The Lion, The Wolf & The Unicorn

Background relieved and fine shaded engraving incorporating multiple elements based off this persons heritage. The stoic lion and tulips represent the Dutch blood, the wolf and lillies represent Italy and finally, the unicorn intertwined with thistles the Scottish past.

A shield of roses & a whisper of thistles

A traditional coat of arms engraved in a relieved and fine shaded style. This wearer wanted a coat of arms but with their own blood ancestry mixed in. The roses on the shield represent the dominant English blood, while the thistles at the very end of the engraving signal the slight Scottish influence

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