In an unprecedented time of choice, we have an abundant selection of paths to follow in life and even more comforts to choose from. A plethora of “what if’s” assault us every day, as does a myriad of external distractions to complain and compare ourselves to. However…we have a choice. A choice of what we consume. A choice of what direction to steer. A choice to never be too comfortable. You can choose almost anything but choose something to sacrifice for.

The debut collection “Choose Your Pain” by Pictures In Metal is a reminder that every day we have a choice. That you can choose your pain. Meticulously hand crafted and hand engraved in Australia by jewellery artist Nic Gregson, these are heavy weight creations of wearable art. They’re a memento that you’ve been shown the doors, but which one will you walk through? What are you willing to fight for right now!?

We ask you to……Choose Your Pain.

"...a man who follows someone else not only does not find anything, he is not even looking." - Seneca

"The great law of nature is that it never stops. There is no end. Just when you think you've successfully navigated one obstacle, another emerges"

- Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle Is The Way