Custom Work Process

Thank you for considering a custom piece of jewellery from Pictures In Metal. Once you begin the process of creating a custom piece with us, we will guide you step by step in the process. This is a fabulous journey where jewellery artist Nic Gregson will aim to draw out as much inspiration and detail from you, the customer, to create an amazing work of art you will enjoy wearing for years to come.

Step 1:

Deciding on what sort of piece you’re after. Whether that be a ring, pendant, earrings etc. Have you seen something on the site that you like? Have you had an idea for a piece that you would like drawn up but can’t quite visualise?

Step 2:

Is it for a special occasion? Is there special meaning behind the piece? What kind of symbology or motifs are important to you? We will collect as much information as possible to help with the design process. This includes sketches, inspiration and other jewellery you enjoy wearing.

What kind of metal do you want it made in? What sort of colours? Are there any gemstones or diamonds needed for the design?

Step 3:

Pictures In Metal will provide multiple initial sketches based off our conversations and any inspiration ideas, sources and images etc you’ve given us. The sketches, depending on the complexity of the initial idea, will be a rough guide. These will be presented to you along with any stones that might be used in the design.

Step 4:

The design is refined down to the final piece after discussing the initial sketches. This final design will be close to what the finished product will be. But, as you can understand, these are one off artist pieces created by hand. Very minor changes may occur during the making and engraving process to ensure a well executed product. We trust that you trust Pictures In Metal to ensure a faithful reproduction of the vision you have for your piece.

Step 5:

Before commencement of the piece a deposit will be required. This is usually 50% of the total however, this may vary depending on the use of large stones and other variables. This will be communicated to you once the final price is presented with the design.

Step 6:

Your beautiful piece is created. If requested, you may see pictures of your piece as it is being worked on. Once the piece is completed you will be contacted to settle the remaining balance. Once the funds are cleared your piece will be sent out for delivery.

Step 7:

You receive your beautiful new Pictures In Metal creation and enjoy it for years to come.


Additional information regarding custom commissions:

  • As per all of our items on the site, we do not accept refunds or exchanges. Please see our Refunds Policy for more information.
  • All designs, sketches, progress photos and final photos remain the property of Pictures In Metal. These are not to be re-produced, re-used and/or transmitted in any way unless given written permission from Pictures In Metal. These may be used by Pictures In Metal for promotional purposes. If you do not wish these to be shared please let us know.
  • All custom commissions will attract a $250 AUD non-refundable design fee. This fee will be deducted from the total cost of the piece if you agree to the design and provide a go-ahead.