All jewellery pieces here have been custom designed for clients. These have been created using heraldic motifs, flowers, animals and symbols that were important to the wearer. I endeavour to combine these elements into a cohesive and beautiful design. Get in touch here if you want to start your bespoke jewellery journey.

Deep relief & line engraved

Custom designed based off your specifics, these rings are all finely hand engraved with the background removed and ink added to produce an effect, much like an illustration.

Deep sculptural relief

One of the most labour intensive of engraving and carving styles. The elements are all deeply carved and modelled in relief to give a life like appearance. Can be traditional family crests or an original design

Watch Engraving

Expertly designed and hand engraved on stainless steel or precious metals. This particular example has 24ct gold inlaid into the lettering

Heraldic Engraving

One of the more popular types of hand engraving adornment. This can be done using a variety of artwork sources, whether it be a crest, shield or full coat of arms. Can be executed as a surface engraving, intaglio (seal) carving or deep relief.